Get real-world practice with expert support.

Witnessing Workshops Equip your Church with Practical Tools

Learn answers to hard questions.

Equipping the Saints with Confidence

With decades of experience in one-on-one personal witnessing, open air preaching, gospel booth ministry, and expository verse-by-verse preaching we mobilize Christians to put their faith into practice in a lifestyle of evangelism. Inspire your church with bold faith in the power of the gospel.

Learn answers to hard questions.
Gospel Equip- Start the Conversation


Talking to people about Jesus can be scary and hard. We don’t just teach from behind a pulpit, we go out on the streets with you, shoulder to shoulder to provide real-time coaching and positive, encouraging feedback. Christians come back energized and excited to continue sharing the gospel in their local communities.

Gospel Equip- Start the Conversation

Witnessing Without Fear

Most Christians are afraid to preach the gospel to the lost. Sometimes, it’s a fear of rejection, a fear of man, a fear of not having the right answers, etc. We equip believers with apologetics – answers to the common questions of our age. Christians come out of a Witnessing Workshop feeling ready to share Christ with confidence

Gospel Equip- Start the Conversation
Gospel Equip- Start the Conversation

Special Speaking Engagements

Bring in Tony Ramsek for a Sunday sermon, missions conference, apologetics training, etc. and watch the church get inspired and equipped with practical tools to reach a lost and dying world.

Angles of the Cross (Exploring the Depth of the Gospel)
Two Powerful Evidences of Creation
The Way of the Master (Using the Law) 
Balancing Apologetics and the Gospel
Reaching Roman Catholics with Grace
The Gospel Roadmap (5 Simple Points to Witnessing)
Justification by Faith, the Heart of the Gospel
Expository sermons from Romans, Titus, Isaiah, John, etc.