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Simple, Easy-to-use Tool to Share Jesus without Fear

Discover the secret to enjoying evangelism.

“Oh no! What do I say next!?”

You’re not alone if you’ve asked yourself this when trying to share the gospel with someone.

One of the hardest things to do when sharing the gospel is to remember what to say next.

The Gospel Roadmap is one of the best tools that will embolden you to faithfully proclaim Jesus without fear.

With the Gospel Roadmap you’ll always know where you’re going and what to say next.

Discover the secret to enjoying evangelism.
Build the Relationship

Build the Relationship

Learn the art of how to build a relationship in just minutes and earn the right to share the gospel.

The first point on the Gospel Roadmap is to start a conversation around a Common topic. This may be the weather, a current event, a job situation, etc.

After casually bringing up the Common topic, you want to Connect to the Celestial, that is, transition to the spiritual realm in your conversation. Asking good questions is the key. Questions like, “Do you believe in an afterlife?” or “Do you have any spiritual beliefs?”, etc.

Gospel Equip- Start the Conversation

Proclaim the Gospel

Once you’re in the Celestial realm, use the Ten Commandments, to bring about the knowledge of sin. This is the missing key in many modern gospel presentations.

Next, you boldly proclaim the Cross of Christ. This is the crux of your whole gospel conversation. Don’t forget the Resurrection!

Finally, Challenge unbelievers to Call on the name of the Lord Jesus to be saved. This Gospel Call consists of repentance toward God and faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.

Gospel Equip- Start the Conversation